Graffiti Orange & Black Button Hook Earrings 001

Graffiti Orange & Black Button Hook Earrings 001

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Artwork for your ears!

Our Graffiti line earrings will make a small statement with any outfit!

They are super rad, with bold, fun colors and prints.

They are not for the faint of heart, but for the person that loves life!

They are approximately 3/4” diameter wide.  

They are on surgical steel hook wires.

Each pair is hand-selected to semi-match.

I make every part from rolling out the porcelain clay, doing all the artwork on them, cutting the shapes out, glazing, firing in the kiln to assembling them!

They are truly unique and super fun to spice up any outfit!

You will get the pair in the first photo, by themselves.  The other photos are to show you what the style looks like on!

Guaranteed nobody else will have the exact same pair!