Spectrum Heart Necklace - Poppy
Spectrum Heart Necklace - Poppy

Spectrum Heart Necklace - Poppy

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Our Spectrum Hearts are the perfect necklace for any lady, young or young at heart! 

They are all hand cut in porcelain clay and hand glazed!  This makes each one a little piece of art as no two are ever exactly the same!

They come on an 18" Sterling Silver Chain.

Each heart is just shy of 1" x 1".

You will receive one Spectrum Heart Necklace.  Additional photos with accessories are so you can get an idea of what they look like on!

You will get a Spectrum Heart in the color specified.  It will not be the exact one pictured, but will be the same size and colors!  Because I hand make each piece, they all vary just slightly, but all are 100% amazing!